Gingger Shankar Controls An Orchestra With Her Fingers

by | Jul 25, 2014 | Videos

Gingger Shankar is part of the Sennheiser MOMENTUM project that Sennheiser has developed in collaboration with talented sound artists around the world. Let them inspire you – get involved. Lots of great prizes are waiting for you at

A truly diverse musician with a heterogeneous lineage of influences, Gingger Shankar´s ultimate goal as an artist is to reach as many people as possible with her music. After studying dance and music at a boarding school in India and touring with an Indian classical ensemble, the U.S.-based artist has gone on to perform as a soprano at New York City’s Carnegie Hall, embark on a tour with Smashing Pumpkins and score major motion pictures such as Mel Gibson´s The Passion of The Christ. Her primary instrument, the double violin, can express the entire orchestral range including violin, viola, cello and bass. Gingger’s ability to play this instrument of which there are only two in the world has given her a unique ability to stand out in a crowded landscape of film composers. Gingger Shankar has MOMENTUM.