Stream the new Static Daydream album in its entirety now!

Performer is beyond stoked to be streaming the new Static Daydream album in its entirety  – EXCLUSIVELY – before it streets on August 28th. The band resides in a totally blissed-out JAMC territory that warms our hearts. Listen to the whole shebang below, and follow them on Twitter @staticdaydream1. More info after the jump…

Static Daydream is the new project of Paul Baker (founding member of
Skywave and Ceremony), and their first full-length release is comprised of
11 noisy pop songs swathed in reverb and distortion.

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In 2012, Paul, and his girlfriend and musical partner, Jamie Casey, began
recording what would become their debut EP, “The Only One,” released on
Moon Sounds Records in 2014 to much adoration. Here’s a review from Clank
For Breakfast:

“Once you enter the door to the four melody-kisses-noise songs on this EP,
you’re hooked and feel home in less than a sec. Whether it’s the
dynamically circulating opener “The Only One” with its delightfully
seductive, crisp chorus, the groovy “I Want To Break Your Heart” with its
bittersweet charm and The Cure reminding guitar colors, the gently
swirling dreampop cloud “Disbelief” featuring the fairylike, beautiful
vocals by Jamie Casey and additional programming by Jake Reid (Screen
Vinyl Image), or the closing noisepop candy “Inside” with its sparkling
energy and sweet’n’yearning scent – this trip showcases skilful
songwriting and offers embracing harmonies as well as crunchy edges,
pulse-quickening, fiery moments as well as relaxed flirts”.

Their self-titled album on Saint Marie Records with Moon Sounds Records,
released in 2015, is full of melancholic, romantic, distortion-fueled
songs, dripping with reverb and classic songwriting. Inspired by 60’s girl
groups, 80’s and 90’s British noise-pop, and assisted by Jake Reid of
Screen Vinyl Image and Ice Station Mastering, Static Daydream’s debut is
full of dreamy, hook-laden songs reminiscent of Skywave, The Jesus and
Mary Chain and Slowdive.

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