Record Review: Zoey Van Goey

Zoey Van Goey
Propeller Versus Wings
Glasgow, Scotland

“Don’t mess with robot dinosaurs”

With a band name like Zoey Van Goey, it makes sense that this Scottish indie pop quartet has been described as “the Postal Service with a sense of humor.” Their name might be an inside joke, but their musicianship is far from a laughing matter, as their second album Propeller Versus Wings proves. The group’s range and songwriting ability puts many of their peers to shame.

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“Escape Maps” is a clear standout, highlighting Moore’s beautiful voice, a haunting piano, and the band’s ability to step into the darkness and deal with more somber themes. Some of the more spunky, light-hearted tracks include “You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate,” in which they sing “I do the dumbest things for you/Why do I do the dumbest things for you/I would be safer on my own/I didn’t care/You were the most exciting thing I’d ever known.”

There’s also “Robot Tyrannosaur” which is about…well a robot tyrannosaur with “razor jaws.” Other key tracks include “Sackville Sun,” which teeters from folky to electronic and paints a pretty picture of friendship, while “My Aviator” feels like it could have come out in the 1940s. Centered around pretty horns, a guitar, and Kim’s lovely voice, it’s a simple song but leaves you feeling as if you’re in a black and white movie, as the band sings about “glorious Technicolor.”

Zoey Van Goey is a talented and versatile act and this album reflects that. Using a combination of propellers and wings for their sophomore album, they bring a fresh voice and sound to contemporary music. While you might not have heard of them before in the States, it’s only a matter of time before this catchy collective makes a splash on U.S. soil. (Chemikal Underground)

Produced by Paul Savage

-Jackie Miehls


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