Wake Owl – “Wild Country”

Wake Owl
Wild Country
Vancouver, BC
(Vagrant Records)

“The soundtrack to a long car excursion”

Colyn Cameron, the songwriter behind Wake Owl, claims that he finds inspiration in long periods of time without personal space, such as in touring or traveling. This is perhaps why his debut EP, Wild Country, fits perfectly as a soundtrack to a long car excursion. The throbbing acoustic guitar throughout the record is reminiscent of the pulsations and repetition in travel. Specifically, the track “You’ll Never Go” harks to the tick of windshield wipers swathing Vancouver’s thick rain.

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Such repetition should not act as a deterrent to the catchy aspects of Wake Owl. The track “Gold” stands out as a single-worthy folk/pop anthem that would fit well with a feel-good indie movie. The commercial appeal of this first effort becomes more apparent as the record unfolds. The alt-country elements such as pedal steel and Nashville harmonies are used in a careful manner that doesn’t place the record in the dated mid-2000s pile of countryfied singer/songwriter hopefuls.

The production tact and well-thought-out song selection gives Cameron a solid chance at captivating a sympathetic folk-rock audience. Wake Owl will be an artist that I keep close track of as the progress of the project develops; I expect big things.


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