VINYL OF THE MONTH: Yellow Ostrich

Yellow Ostrich
The Mistress
New York, NY

“This is one mistress it’s OK to cheat with”

Re-releasing the catchiest album of the year, Yellow Ostrich is one of those bands it’s hard to believe haven’t hit radio yet (or at least an iPod commercial).

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They are taking simplicity in songwriting, catchy vocal melodies, and a powerful yet not forceful approach that goes exceptionally well with vocalist/mastermind Alex Schaaf’s voice. It’s amazing that on a song like “Hold On” a band can sound like the Strokes at their best, a mix of They Might Be Giants’ wackiness and the White Stripes on “Whale,” and still have their own style in the rest of their material.

The trio spends most of album with two goals in mind: make the listener smile and make them tap their feet – two things the band is incredibly skilled at. What The Mistress lacks in complexity is more than made up for in beauty. Take a song like “Slow Paddle,” beginning as an instrumental with only layered chants for vocals, it morphs into an a cappella number halfway through, and all of a sudden Schaaf sounds more like a mix of Doug Martsch and Charlie Fink. That’s some awfully complimentary company to be in. (Barsuk Records)

Produced by Alex Schaaf

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