Vinyl of the Month: Ty Segall

Ty Segall

Singles 2007-2010

San Francisco, CA

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“Grungy lo-fi that amps you up”

Ty Segall makes some truly exceptional lo-fi, garage rock; he always has. Singles 2007-2010 is an album that pulls together the best of his prolific library and houses it in one lovely, twenty-five track package. Goner Records has culled some of Segall’s best works to showcase his abundant talent and love for music.

The album contains highlights from the last three years of his career including “Caesar,” “Fuzzy Cat,” “Dating” and “Lovely One.” The scratchy guitar chords and pulsing bass are pulled together by the hard pounding percussion, while Segall’s vocals are typically lost in a haze of reverb and emotion. Whether he is softly singing, or screaming until his voice is hoarse, he never stops delivering a wealth of thoughts and relatable desires. With lyrics like “I don’t wanna go out with you/ I just wanna go out with you” he cleverly portrays the hard-to-read signals of relationships with a flippant attitude.

Segall has been a staple of the indie scene for years. He’s in it simply for the music, the performing, and sharing the rush of it all with fans. He has never ceased to produce work that stands out, and this singles compilation does an excellent job of showcasing that. (Goner Records)

FORMAT: 2 x 12”

COLOR: Black

VINYL MASTERING: Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering

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