VINYL OF THE MONTH: Twin Cities Funk & Soul: Lost R&B Grooves From Minneapolis/St. Paul 1964-1979

Truth be told, I nearly shat my pants upon opening this LP. Eric Foss, whoever you are, God bless you, sir. You, along with your label mates, have compiled what has to be the greatest collection of soul, R&B and funk tracks ever assembled. And no, I don’t mean just the greatest collection of lost or rare tracks. Or just Midwestern tracks. The best soul, R&B and funk. Period.

What we’re treated to is a true labor of love, and make no mistake, you’re in for an incredible treat. Twin Cities Funk & Soul is four sides of velvety smooth audio gold, mixing unjustly forgotten musical gems that will no doubt serve as the soundtrack for Quentin Tarantino’s next blaxploitation film. “She’s A Whole Lot’s A Woman” by Mojo and his “Chi 4” is undeniably funkier and hotter than anything Motown was putting out during the same period. Other classics include “There Goes My Used To Be,” a melancholy track by Wee Willie Walker that out-Temptations the Temptations, even without the harmonies. And that’s only disc one!

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Also included is a 32-page newspaper compiled by the label that includes biographical info on the artists, more tidbits on the scene itself and tons of rare photos from the time period. Even through the fidelity varies from track to track, it simply doesn’t matter. Taken for what it is, Twin Cities Funk & Soul belongs on every serious music fan’s turntable, and is what every re-issue from here on out should strive to be. Drag City, are you listening?

Size: 2×12-inch
Speed: 33 RPM
Color: Purple Vinyl (limited edition only)
Extra Content: Bonus 45 included with limited edition, deluxe gatefold sleeve, 32-page newspaper with info on artists and rare photos
Remastered by Cory J. Wong
Produced by Eric Foss
Compiled by Will Gilbert, Eric Foss & Danny Sigelman
Newspaper design by Eric Foss

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