Vinyl Of The Month: The Cheebacabra

“Analog funk for your inner pimp”

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Seattle, WA

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(Mackrosoft, LLC)

The Cheebacabra’s latest dose of funk comes courtesy of a double-LP, laced with so many breaks, grooves, porno wahs and in-the-pocket drums that hip-hop beat-makers can essentially replace their entire sample library with this one album.

Cheeba wastes no time kicking things into gear with “The Denunciation,” fully funked out with a poppin’ bass, hi-hat struts, quirky synths and a badass jazz flute. One of the things that makes or breaks a funk album’s power is the ability for the music to immediately set the mood, and once the first flute loop ends and the synths and slinky guitar lines melt into the mix, you’re instantly transported to a world of afros, low-riding Cadillacs and velvet hats.

The rest of the record, all four sides of vinyl, continues in much the same manner, which is not a criticism. You know all those obscure breaks on old Beastie Boy records? These are better. And there are 17 tracks of ’em. The three-part “Delivery” is where the wah-wah and flute lines interweave with congas, bongos and timbales in a sort of lost adult film soundtrack, as if it were scored by Santana’s Woodstock-era lineup.

Vinyl Pressing by Rainbo Records

Mastered for vinyl by Rick Fisher at RFI Mastering

Produced by Cheeba

Limited to 500 copies

Cover Painting by Branka Brmbota

Photo by Bryan Boswell

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