Big Steam/Dream Interpretation

Boston, MA

(Good Road)

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“Mission of Burma co-founder drops seven inches of art rock”

Big Steam is the first release for Good Road, and if it’s any indication, we can expect a lot of great things from them in the future. Roger Miller’s history is pretty well documented as a founding member of Mission to Burma, but it’s his new solo work that’s turning out to be more interesting than the Burma reunions of the past decade or so.

The A-Side (“Big Steam”) unfolds with a stanky, vintage sounding guitar, bass and drum combo as Miller’s vocals howl out as if processed through a bullhorn. Imagine an art rock band from Manhattan being forced to play a rowdy roadhouse – this would likely be the opener to their set list. Angular guitar lines, tom-heavy percussion and an overall smoky atmosphere envelope the track until its messy finale.

Flipping over to the B-Side, we’re greeted by blippy, staccato guitar noise and experimental organ attacks. The song’s title (“Dream Interpretation”) gives us some insight into the track’s meaning, as wildly shifting textures and musical patterns blast out in stereo. Fuzz bass starts to take over as things slowly wind down and fade away. Then, bizarrely, a more standard rock riff enters the mix, as if it was itself awakened from a dream. Fans of art rock and post-punk will enjoy the instrumental trip.

Size: 7-inch

Speed: 45 RPM

Color: Black Vinyl

Engineered by Brian Arnold and John Panagiotidis

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Michael Bierylo and Roger C. Miller

Art by Trevor KARMA Gendron

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