Vinyl of the Month: Little Anchor

“Bouncy pop gem wrapped in a playful wrapper”

Yellow Lights

Brooklyn, NY

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Little Anchor’s Yellow Lights kicks off with a thoroughly delightful pop nugget, “Don’t Be Scared to Move,” featuring a fun Letters To Cleo vibe and a hooky refrain. The EP refuses to lose momentum, quickly transitioning into another rhythmically charged pop-rock track (“Lady Tennessee”) that, in a less corrupt commercial radio environment, would certainly be in heavy rotation. The song keeps things moving with a great drum track and tight vocal harmonies, courtesy of lead singer Alexa Cabellon. Side A concludes with a slower, piano-driven tune entitled “SEA/MD,” which introduces more atmospheric textures and tasteful acoustic guitars to the previously straightforward arrangements.

Side B opens with more tight acoustic work, as Cabellon’s vocals seem to sit above “A Sentimental Way” in an angelic register. Drums and bass slowly creep into the mix after the first verse – a nice touch by producer Gary Atturio. The gentle nature of Side B continues in “Until Our Eyes Adjust,” as sweet strings and light percussion accompany cleanly plucked guitars. Rounding out the EP is “When You’re Looking,” a more up-tempo way to end the record. All in all, Yellow Lights provides a quick glimpse into the best of Brooklyn’s burgeoning indie pop scene. Pick up the vinyl if you can, as Masterdisk’s expert cutting provides an excellent sonic experience for even the most discerning audiophile.

Recorded, Mixed and Engineered by Gary Atturio

Recorded at Galuminum Foil Productions, Brooklyn

Mastered for Vinyl by Alex DeTurk at Masterdisk, NYC

EP Artwork by Barclay Douglas

Format: 12-inch

Speed: 45 RPM

Color: Black Vinyl

Photo by Emily Tan

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