VINYL OF THE MONTH: Bunny’s a Swine

Bunny’s A Swine
Literal Breakfast
Northampton, MA

“Tastes like chicken”

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“Your new favorite band.” That’s what Bunny’s A Swine’s official webpage states. A bold claim if ever there was one. Stream the song “I Should Have Left the Bushes Hours Ago,” and a pair of clean guitars will vamp an oddly curious progression. Next, two voices harmonize unintelligible mumbles, backed by a young lady singing completely different lyrics in a discomforting, nasal alto. The brow furrows and face scrunches while hands scratch a head that ponders the page header’s outlandish claim.

Then, as the chorus leads in, voices sync in sudden unison, drums escalate and steel strings are beaten, not strummed. This was a full song all along, disguised as a jangly jumble of incoherence. A light bulb switches on; the claims were right.

Literal Breakfast comes on a beautiful vinyl platter, like every favorite band’s releases should. “Too Bad For That” opens with surf-like tones. When the rhythm cuts the time, a long droning low-end fills the head like water would. One would assume that the constant eighth note pattern on “Fuck Graph” is looped, but the organic dynamic of the trio denounces the claim. When the lyrics assert, “We’ll get back together in mid-October” on “Children & TVs,” no one questions the prediction. And “Fuck Bunny’s A Swine?” Absolutely.

The only regret is that the 20-minute duration doesn’t fully satisfy this belly’s void. That aside, Literal Breakfast is a delicious and nutritious six-song slice of folky-alt-pop. Your new favorite band. (Glass Museum)

Recorded by Justin Pizzo Ferrato at Bank Row in Greenfield, MA // Mastered by Carl Saff, Saff Mastering

-Joshua Bottomley

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