The Trews – Thank You and I’m Sorry

The Trews
…Thank You and I’m Sorry
Toronto, ON

“High energy rock fronted by raspy words, driving guitars and good times”

[Editor’s note – The Trews are the best rock band in music today. Period. That is not an opinion; it is fact. Go buy all their records now.]

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This EP is a relief for those of us that gave up on rock n’ roll when seemingly overnight the laptop became an instrument. Canadian quartet the Trews pick up the baton of rock and carry it forward, spitting beer in the faces of the sissy rock plaguing our radios. Since ’97, the Trews grit the definitive rock trinity (guitar, bass and drums) with singer Colin MacDonald’s charismatic and signature rock growl (think early Soundgarden-era Chris Cornell).

Storming the gates with the EP’s strongest track, “The Power of Positive Drinking” recalls the first time anyone’s father spun Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll.” A jutting riff blisters through a foot-stomping beat, MacDonald’s hooky chorus, with the best sounding drums in ages – the power of high production. The three minute anthem is defiant to settling down, “Say what you will / Leave if you must / I won’t expect you / Will get back your trust / We can’t pretend that none of this ever happened.”

All seven tracks blister along with strong listenability and classic rock n’ roll cadence, baring widespread appeal. …Thank You and I’m Sorry will surly be one of the strongest rock n’ roll releases of 2013.

Engineered by Gordie Johnson and Jason Dufour
Recorded at Revolution Studio, Toronto
Mixed at Pedernales Studio, Spicewood, TX by Gordie Johnson
Mastered by Howie Weinberg
Produced by Gordie Johnson and John Angus MacDonald

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