The Swear – “Gold and Hymns and Hell”

The Swear
Gold and Hymns and Hell
Atlanta, GA

“They may not be hymns, but this EP is aggressive punk gold”

The Swear has long since been a staple in the Atlanta area and with the release of Gold and Hymns and Hell, three self-produced maxi-singles, it’s easy to see why. The new sound is raw and aggressive – and recorded mostly live, tying the group even closer to its punk roots.

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From the first crunch of the guitars on the opening track “Sex and the Drugs” to the catchy pop-punk “yeah yeah yeah’s” that followed, one starts to drift back to the days of the New York punk scene. The title track “Gold and Hymns and Hell,” a standout, has a surprisingly commercial chorus through its gothic-like sound. Lead vocalist/songwriter Elizabeth Elkins has the perfect voice for these types of tracks. At times she seems to channel punk royalty Patti Smith or PJ Harvey and other times the band brings to mind the glam-slam brilliance of the New York Dolls.

The gem of these singles is “Pornography on Avenue A,” which possesses a melody that will stick in your head with a perfect dreamy guitar break accompanying the lyric “Please don’t wake me” like a marriage.

Produced by The Swear
Mixed by Mark Dannells
Mastered by Glenn Schick at Glenn Schick Mastering, Atlanta, GA

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