The Soft Hills – “Chromatisms”

The Soft Hills
Seattle, WA
(Tapete Records)

“Shoegazing, psychedelic art at its finest”

Stunning is the effort put into Chromatisms, as Seattle outfit The Soft Hills bring forth their genuine creativity to create a shoegaze masterpiece. A delight to hear, the album is a work of soul-searching, heartbreak, loves gained and lost, touching on themes of tragedy and redemption and the miracles and works of humanity and the natural world.

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Similar to the sounds of Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes, the group is dazzling in their sense of structure and composition, and their use of beautiful, lush experimentation, creating a broad spectrum of sounds.

“Riding High” is an alluring, powerful opener. “Marigolds” is sparse with just slide guitars and pianos, aided by striking, angelic vocals and harmonies. “Sweet Louise” is an upbeat rocker, with a feel of current music by The Whigs and early Supergrass, spelled out with enthusiastic, hypnotic synths.

Pouring out with sustain and reverb, The Soft Hills deliver the goods with songs such as the ever-so-psychedelic “The Gifts You Hide,” the strident shoegazing of “Dear Mr. Moonlight,” and the larger-than-life, heroic wall of sound in “Mighty River.”

Brilliant and mighty they are, and Chromatisms takes the ears of the soul on a journey of rediscovery. Heartbreaking and enduring, The Soft Hills share their hearts with us, delivering music that shatters barriers of normal commercial foundations.

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