The Moondoggies – “Adios I’m a Ghost” Review

I can’t for the life of me figure out why the Moondoggies aren’t one of the largest independent bands in the country. What they do is simple; they write great songs for a guitar-based combo with a beat you can dance to.

They don’t seem to have many influences past 1969, but you could really say that about most guitar bands who don’t have the words ‘doom’ or ‘angular’ appear in their press. The vast majority of their songs sound like some one-hit wonder that you used to hear on the radio. You swear they’re ripping off someone more famous only they’re not.

Adios I’m a Ghost is their third LP, landing somewhere between their insanely catchy debut Don’t Be A Stranger and the more adventurous Tidelands. For this release, they lean more than ever on their fantastic harmony singing. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out they overdubbed themselves singing harmonies à la the Beatles and CSN [editor’s note – and sometimes Y]. The album opens and closes with two quiet and eerie harmony exercises. The other difference is that they expand their song structures, which means more guitar solos, especially in the two over-six-minute songs “A Lot To Give” and “Don’t Ask Why,” which means awesome.

  • Produced by Ryan Hadlock
  • Recorded at Bear Creek Studios

  • moondoggies-adios-im-a-ghost-coverThe Moondoggies
  • Adios I’m a Ghost
  • Everett, WA
  • (Hardly Art)
  • “Seattle’s best blend of urban folk”
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