The Milk Carton Kids – The Ash & Clay

The Milk Carton Kids
The Ash & Clay
Los Angeles, CA
(ANTI- Records)

“Gorgeous folk music driven by explosive vocals and powerful compositions”

The Milk Carton Kids are reviving folk music. With a contemporary twist on the genre and the incorporation of simple, yet enticing harmonies, the pair has crafted a sound that is not only beautiful but also seamlessly constructed. Their latest album, The Ash & Clay, is a further example of the duo’s ability to create songs that are both intimate and powerful, bittersweet and inspiring.

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There is a sense of nostalgia on this latest endeavor, as darker images are set to stirring melodies. The ballad “Snake Eyes” presents a complex duality between memory and forward movement while “The Jewel of June” is acceptance and introspection. The soft harmonies of twin acoustic guitars and delicate vocals of Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan fuse together into something utterly captivating. As each track progresses, there is a need to listen intently to everything the pair does.

The folk music “revival” has gained substantial momentum as of late, but The Milk Carton Kids take it another level. Their unabashed honesty and naturally flowing sound is hypnotizing. The have an exceptional knack for crafting heartbreaking songs and skillful compositions that serves them well on The Ash & Clay.

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