The Ex-Girlfriends Club

“Portland glam-punk-power-pop from a garage near CBGB”

Boo Hoo Hoo

Portland, OR

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New York Dolls back-ups and tambourines with an Iggy and the Stooges brand of bravado.  If you live in Portland and want to know what CBGB’s most likely sounded like on an average evening, this is a good starting place. The Ex-Girlfriends Club sings and swings through nine sweat-soaked rockers. My only complaint here is that I feel like the band is still trying to find its groove. A few of the songs clock in around the 4-minute mark but could be trimmed down to about two or three. “Take it From Me,” for example, probably works well in a live set in its 5-minute incarnation, but on the album it’s a little draining. Don’t get it twisted though, this band sounds like one hell of a live show (complete with a fur coat wearing, make-up drenched lead singer). Start with the song “Coming Off Benzos,” and back-up vocal enthusiasts need to give a nod to “Your Prescription.” College radio needs to jump on the Ex-GC bandwagon quick. Take note programmers, if you know what MRR stands for you should have already copped this.

Engineered by Greg Lind at Tiger Fight Studios, Portland

Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering

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