The Deadfields

“Sunny, pop-infused country that relies on honesty”

Dance In The Sun

Atlanta, GA

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Georgia natives The Deadfields are a band of musicians determined to create music that exists without pretense. Dance In The Sun is the band’s debut release and is a folksy, country-tinged album, an album that fits perfectly within contemporary music’s current folk revival. The record is energetic with strong chord progressions and sunny, if somewhat formulaic, compositions.

“Carolina Backroads” starts the album off with a burst of pop-infused, roots revival country. The odd mesh of twangy guitar chords and catchy pop beats sets the stage for a slew of songs teetering between the two genres. There are darker moments, such as those shared on “Till The Next Time” and hopeful ballads conveyed through lively beats, the likes of which are best showcased on “Dandelions.”

With clean lines and clear equations used to form melodies and harmonies, The Deadfields have created a debut that walks a safe line. It is brimming with emotion and honesty, fueled by catchy hooks and enjoyable progressions, but they seem to know their current limits and are happy to reside within them.

Engineered by Jeff W. Gardner, Corey Chapman and Kevin Sellors

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