The Coup

Sorry To Bother You

Oakland, CA


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“Funky, political hip-hop for fans of Outkast”


For those who have been waiting, it’s been a long six years since The Coup’s last studio release, but for their sixth album Boots Riley, Pam the Funkstress and the rest of the gang are back with an undeniably energetic effort that highlights their talents not only as a political hip-hop group, but also as accomplished genre-jumpers with a cause and something to say.

The album features some of the predictable ingredients of great hip-hop album: steady, ear-catching beats, features from other good artists and attentive, thoughtful lyricism from an intelligent, commanding frontman. But, instead of just fulfilling the expectation, The Coup upped the ante by taking some creative risks, like incorporating kazoos in the zany track “Your Parents’ Cocaine” and playing around with a cool, lazy Sunday rock sound on “My Murder, My Love.”

The first listen might confuse new Coup fans, but it’s hard not to appreciate the range of sounds on the 13-song album and its contagious tracklist, which becomes more and more infectious each time through.

Standout tracks include the pounding, anthemic “You Are Not A Riot,” the minimalist, melancholy track “Violet” and the upbeat, driving opening song, “The Magic Clap.”

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