The Big Cats

The Ancient Art of Leaving: Two Parts

Little Rock, AR

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“Arena rocking returns to its Little Rock roots ”

Originally formed in 1993, The Big Cats are solid. Big rock guitars, paired with catchy lyrics and a shoe-gaze indie-rock mentality. This album is up-tempo enough to be played in teenage bedrooms, but still moody enough not to be scoffed at over the loud speakers of a coffee shop. Style-wise, the latest offering from The Big Cats is sort of All-American Rejects mixed with Weezer (post-Green Album). This is actually part 2 of a two-album set that the group has released (the first came out last December).

A catchy and shiny collection of songs from a band that’s been through it. Trivia time: this is actually the band of Jason White, who’s known in certain circles as “the other guy” in Green Day. This record is proof that this touring musician, who spends most of his time just outside the spotlight, has a lot of his own pop sensibility to throw around. That Starbucks reference really isn’t a joke. Get this record placed in one of those cardboard stands next to the cash register and it will sell. Enough rock for anyone who bought Dookie in ’94, but sensible enough for the commute to work.

Produced by The Big Cats and Barry Poynter

Mastered at Chicago Mastering Service by Jason Ward

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