Steph MacPherson – Bells & Whistles

Steph MacPherson
Bells & Whistles
Vancouver, BC
(Cordova Bay Records)

“Surrender to achingly sung vocals & infectious country”

Achingly beautiful, channeling infectiously bright melodies and well-arranged lyrics, Steph MacPherson dazzles on her debut LP, writing with the pen of a powerful voice. From British Columbia, this touring Canadian star is making a statement in 2013, and tunes such as those on Bells & Whistles should not fail to deliver commercial airplay in the New Year ahead and beyond.

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With bright choruses, uplifting anthems like “Bent & Unkind,” “Bells & Whistles” and “This One,” the artist displays a voice clear and unrestrained, packed with emotion and color. Each track is compellingly produced, with gorgeously lush instrumentation in both light rock and country fashions.

“Something in You” breathes easy with a slow tempo, heartbreaking vocals, and resonating pianos that pound at the chest with its melodic fists. “The Distance” provides meaning to a rough world, blending in the soft touch of sustained electric guitars matched with MacPherson’s moving voice. The track is powerful, in that no other instruments are involved.

Her style is immediate and fresh. The instrumentation never fails to satisfy, its quality undeniable. Steph’s songs are sung with a seasoned, confident voice similar to artists such as Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlan, and Colbie Caillat. Truly a treat to listen to.

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Jason Cook
Mastered by Joby Baker
Recorded at Baker Studios, Cook Studios & Nimbus Studios
Mixed at Infiniti Studios

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