Show Review: Antwon in Boston

Where: Brighton Music Hall

When: September 28, 2013

Channeling the vibe of the late great Notorious B.I.G. with a little bit of a modern flare, Antwon’s quicksilver flow is quite impressive. His show at Brighton Music Hall this past Saturday was more like an experiment than an actual concert: gather a bunch of 21 year olds at midnight together for a low key rapper and see what transpires. And although the turnout was a slight disappointment, that didn’t deter Antwon from connecting with his audience. Each word he spewed contained weight and resonance, despite the fact that he admitted he had be drinking for almost a week straight. “Helicopter” was given to us with an almost unpredictable focus, while “Living Every Dream” had a little more fire behind it. Onlookers completely let loose, and it seemed that no dance was off limits. The beats that typically back Antwon tracks aren’t those usually heard from other rappers—he takes the post-rock approach so the samples he uses are just as interesting as the lyrics themselves. The MC also has no problem slinging street dreams as well as life’s more turbulent vices into his cadences, and the way it all translates on stage is mesmerizing. Simply put, Antwon knows how to deliver.

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