Photo Gallery and Review: Tyler The Creator Live in Boston

Whether he’s touring with his crew or doing a solo performance, Tyler The Creator knows how to put on one hell of a show. Billing Boston’s House of Blues this past Friday as the only scheduled performer before hitting New York’s Govenors Ball, Tyler managed to enchant a room full of loyal followers without trying.  He delivered hits from both his 2011 breakout debut Goblin as well as last year’s followup Wolf.


Songs like “Tron Cat,” “Bastard,” and ultimately “Yonkers” proved to be undeniable crowd favorites as the energy in the building went from raucous to completely electrifying. Tyler’s Odd Future verses from “Rella” and “Sam ( Is Dead)” were appreciated (albeit predictable) surprises. What also was surprising was the absence of “French” from his setlist, but fans were so busy reciting bars that they were too busy to notice.

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