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by | Oct 24, 2017 | Reviews

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Frank Calcaterra of DieAlps! explores the albums that inspired him to become a musician. 

My dad started teaching me rock and roll history pretty early into my childhood – so early in fact, that I barely remember smashing my first acoustic guitar after watching a video of Jimi Hendrix setting his guitar ablaze at Monterey Pop. I’ve since calmed down with the guitar smashing, but I am a proud member of DieAlps!, a 5-piece indie rock band that my wife Connie and I started back in 2012 [listen to our new album, Our City, below]. When I’m not “doing the band thing” you can probably find me recording other bands for a living at Atomic Audio Recording in Tampa, FL. Here are the records that inspired me to become a musician…

Jimi Hendrix

Are You Experienced? (1967)

If I’m being honest, it’s very seldom that I find myself listening to Hendrix these days, but that doesn’t change the fact that this album, more than any other album, got me really excited about playing the guitar. Jimi was a guitar genius and no one can deny it.

The Beatles

The Beatles (White Album) (1968)

This is my desert island album and my all-time favorite band. This record is extremely diverse with styles ranging from ’40s piano pop to avant-garde to proto-metal. I’m not entirely sure how they managed to make it work as a cohesive unit, but they did and it’s amazing.

Smashing Pumpkins

Siamese Dream (1993)

The first guitar lick I ever learned was the intro to “Today.” I was listening to this album the most when I got my first electric guitar at 16, so it definitely had an impact. I was still figuring out how to make my singing voice palatable, so it was refreshing to hear such an unconventional voice on record.

Green Day

Dookie (1994)

Every kid in middle school was rocking out to this album when it came out (until their mom read the lyrics). Growing up in a small town at the time, Green Day was about as punk as punk could be! I know better now, but Dookie still holds up.


The Bends (1995)

The Bends is the perfect blend of grit and melody, and possibly the most influential album I’ve listed in terms of my current songwriting style. It was once the only CD in my car on a 14-hour road trip, so I know it well pretty well.

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