Record Review: Young Hines

by | May 7, 2012 | Folk & Singer/Songwriter, Reviews

Young Hines
Give Me My Change
Nashville, TN
(Readymade Records)

“Flashes of ’60s folk festival gold, textures of CSNY”

Young Hines kick starts his new record with a snazzy blues riff in “Young Again,” then segues into the surefire crowd pleaser “Give Me My Change,” complete with attitude and furtive emotion.  With such a trademark sound, the pulses of the drums and mean guitar jangles complement the lead vocals like apricot jelly on English toast. Eerily, the music of Young Hines echoes the White Stripes with a flourish of Foo Fighters decorated by the swells, growls and swoons.

“Don’t Break My Fall” is more soothing, and brings about happy-go-lucky visions of summer at the beach, most notably with textures and flavors of The Thrills. The hook in the chorus is quite memorable, as Hines delivers, “It’s time that I come around,” almost pleading to see his lover after an unrequited romance.

“I Ask This of You” provides the balance needed for this record, punctuated by gorgeous piano keys, bells and chimes.    “Just Say No Sometimes” feels like you’ve been teleported to Woodstock, right in the midst of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s groundbreaking set. The beats and rhythms mixed in with acoustic guitars are quite glorious, not to mention the George Harrison-like leads. Props to the timely vocals, giving the album another beautiful track that paints a pure portrait of late-’60s love rock.

“Better Things” features lush, serene piano parts and a breezy verse, moving into riveting choruses that build through vocal crescendos with serenading, reverse-tracked guitars and organs. This track feels more space-aged, like a song off Coldplay’s X&Y.

Give Me My Change is a rare find and well worth many repeated listens.