Record Review: Wing and Hollow

Wing and Hollow
North of Nowhere
Los Angeles, CA


“Sweet California sunshine”

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Somewhere in the midst of palm trees and the sunshine of the West Coast rises the soft elegant sounds, not of raindrops but the patter of acoustic guitars and seductive vocals that pour out from Wing and Hollow’s newest release, North of Nowhere.

This acoustic duo, Haven (guitar) and Jill Lamoureux (vocals) have executed a tasteful and graceful collection of soft ballads, rock-like melodies and rich dynamics in this addictive 5-track EP. It’s seldom when we see an act that can represent their sound with more than one cut that can stand on its own merits; from opening track “Look Out Below” to “Black as Blood,” which displays Wing and Hollow’s talent, and understanding of their own musical abilities.

The record is held together by steady and truly enjoyable crisp, melodic guitar tones, such as those found on “Not Alone,” and Jill’s angelic voice, which leads you through your peaceful listening journey; the only thing missing is your beverage of choice, and undivided attention as you sit back and let North of Nowhere take you to a destination far beyond that of musical bliss…

Engineered, Produced & Mixed by Jose Alcantar & Dorian Heartsong

Mastered by Louie Teran at Marcussen Mastering

Cover Design by Todd Burnes


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