Record Review: Widowspeak

Brooklyn, NY

“Minimalist grunge from Brooklyn”

Widowspeak’s self-titled debut album paints the world with tones from hand colored western movies. The songs are quiet and unassuming with simple guitar riffs, sparse percussion and dream-like vocals. While the overall atmosphere is dark and oppressive, there is distinctive beauty in the melodies and song constructions.

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“Harsh Realm” demonstrates the strength of the trio. Molly Hamilton’s soft voice makes the song while the guitars from Molly and Robert Thomas provide a canvas of staccato rhythm and laid back solos. Michael Stasiak supports the package on drums without drawing too much attention to himself.

The album suffers from a lack of variety in the music. The record has a few faster tracks such as “Fir Coat,” but the aftertaste of the whole is slightly flat. Even though the music successfully builds a distinctive sound for the band, the attention to feeling and atmosphere has taken the focus from making the songs stand on their own. (Captured Tracks)

Produced and Recorded by Travis Taveniere at Rear House

Mastered by Josh Bonati

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