Record Review: Way Yes

Way Yes
Columbus, OH

“Coasting music to sway your brain”

Glen Davis and Travis Hall have done it. By creating what is, at the very least, a thoroughly universal sound full of Latin percussion, psychedelic transitions and plenty of noise to go around, the band’s second self-released album, Walkability, will make your brain sway.

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Despite its rehabilitative title, Walkability doesn’t demand any intentional muscle contractions, and the tracks give plenty of movement to the overall psyche. A slight pinch of nostalgia will radiate from the numbing synthesizers in “Important,” and layered guitar licks (fuzzy, catchy, but still calm) will cross over bars of tightly knit drum patterns. In “Singing,” Davis and Hall put natural rhythms to thoughts about death, time and age. And the lyrics “I hope, that when I go, I’ll be singing” are organic, new and content.

Walkability deserves to have the attention of every psychedelic loving, memory savoring and indie-popping ear around the world. With guitar tones constantly medicated by delays and tremolos, and vocals having smothered in sincere warmth, an appreciation for Way Yes is effortless and automatic. (Self-released)

Recorded and mixed by Maxwell Lewis // Recorded at Central City Recordings // Mastered by Chris Graham Mastering // Artwork by John Malta

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