Record Review: Walk The Moon

by | Mar 1, 2011 | Reviews

Walk The Moon
i want! i want!
Cincinnati, OH

“Vivid indie pop to satisfy your inner child”

i want! i want! by Walk The Moon is so irresistible and tight that you would never guess it’s the band’s first full length. The album consists of clever lyrics about childhood mixed with influences of both modern dance rock like Franz Ferdinand and classic acts like the Talking Heads and the Police. The result is a fresh indie pop album guaranteed to put the listener in a good mood.

Lead singer Nicholas Petricca’s fun lyrics about growing up encourage fans to release their inner child. Just check out the video for opening cut “Anna Sun,” which is color-infused and covered in face paint. It’s certainly refreshing to find a band that’s all about having fun, while still making impressive and original music in the process.

Other standout tracks include the synth-heavy “Lisa Baby” and the Talking Heads-esque “I Can Lift a Car.” Hipsters and pop fans alike can find something to enjoy in Walk The Moon’s catchy brand of indie rock. It’s sure to put a skip in your step. (Self-released)

Recorded by Chris Schmidt and Soap Floats // Mixed by Chris Dobbs // Art by Annie Severe and Petros Pappalas

-Chrisanne Grise