Record Review: Violens

New York, NY

New Wave is (unfortunately) an underused descriptor of current music, with a rare and welcome exception coming from Violens’ first full length, Amoral. The record is upbeat, and chockfull of reverb, twangy rhythm guitars, and synth pads, in a New Order/Roxy Music kind of way. The New Order comparison holds particularly true on “Full Collision” and “Acid Reign,” where vocalist Jorge Elbrecht sounds remarkably similar to Bernard Sumner.

The record opens with a busy bass riff, reverb-laden toms and a kitschy guitar line fitting of the opening tracks title, “The Dawn of Your Happiness Is Rising.” Elbrecht doesn’t waste any time drowning us in a pool of reverb and delay, which quickly emerges as a recurring theme throughout the record.  The listener, however, doesn’t have to wade through puddles of echo to make out the chorus on “Acid Reign” which begins, “Though I don’t give a fuck if its truthful,” a needed awakening to those who thought they were going to get by with nothing but the music and (at times) unintelligible lyrics to hold on to.

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Amoral is a tasteful art-rock throwback of sorts that will leave the listener longing for more reverb, synth pads, and teenage angst. (Static Recital)

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