Record Review: VilleBillies

Appetite for Dysfunction
Louisville, KY

(Island Earth Music

“Boozy, beat-laden, twangy hip-hop”

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If there ever was a need to record an album that glorifies the art of Southern-urban-suburban living in good ole’ Louisville, Kentucky coupled with mass consumption of various chemical substances, then this would be that album.

On their third record, the VilleBillies continue perfecting their original sound by recording boozy, beat-laden, twangy, honest hip-hop music straight from their heart and minds. And they definitely didn’t forget to work on elevating their other nostalgic trait: Louisville-celebrity-living-ness. Or something to that effect. Appetite for Dysfunction’s first single, “Talk to Me,” a dark, yet catchy tune was released on YouTube in November 2010. Yep, 2010.

Other killer tracks include the twangy-wangy guitar rock n’ roll jam “Pure to the Grain,” and the smooth beats and groove laid on “Rear View.” There’s also the eerie piano and guitar playing on “Pride Aside,” which is candidly humble – lyrically speaking. The harmonica and banjo make their first appearance on “O’Death,” a song that has a backwoods, porch-stomping, Celtic feel to it. “Just Yesterday” is something that resembles a ballad, something that hasn’t been a VB regularity, but you’d never know it after listening to it.

Closing out in style, they end with a Weird Al-like parody of “Talk To Me,” dubbed “Tuck to Me,” where the lyrics are virtually dumb, sometimes redundant and non-fitting to the rhythm. The VilleBillies. Essentially fucking around while still recording their album and making fun of their own antics. Imagine that. Surprising, I know.

Produced by The VilleBillies

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