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Uh Huh Her


Los Angeles, CA

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“Feminist-approved, artfully textured electro-pop”

Upbeat and infectious LA duo Uh Huh Her (named after PJ Harvey’s 2004 release) is facing a meteoric rise into the limelight. Singer/bassist Leisha Hailey is an actress on Showtime’s L Word and is featured in several commercials and movies, while singer/keyboardist Camila Grey has done session work with Dr. Dre, Busta Rhymes and was a founding member of the LA indie rock giant Mellowdrone. The two ladies made 2011 headlines when Southwest Airlines asked the duo to stop kissing on the flight; Hailey’s Twitter updates gave voice to the couple’s outrage.

Nocturnes maintains the dynamic and high-production electro-pop sound established on their Common Reaction debut. Joint female vocals create the harmonic bedrock for elaborate synthesized textures, vocal treatments and forceful electric guitars. The clean production values give the album instant listenability, but the melody-driven, keyboard-heavy songs aren’t twee or juvenile – matured lyrics and Muse-like song structures amplify the wall-of-instrument mazework, which build and crescendo like three-minute anthems. Songs like “Disdain” are so catchy and polished they’re poised for radio airtime. Not surprisingly, the duo’s throbbing gem “Same High” found its way on the Kids Are All Right soundtrack.

Grey sings with frail vulnerability, but pervasive, pounding rhythms (tendered by Hailey’s bass lines) and heavy percussion, featuring the best sounding drums of the year, reinforces any weaknesses. Seasoned and alluring, Grey and Hailey have decades of music experience that provides a grand foundation, fusing accessible listenability with artistic integrity. (Plaid Records)

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