Record Review: Torture Division

Torture Division
Evighetens Dårar

“Not your grandpa’s metal”

Torture Division has proclaimed themselves as “the world’s best death metal band” and with their freshman effort Evighetens Dårar, they certainly are living up to the title. The “army of three” certainly learned a few things from the bands that paved the way before them, infusing elements of Slayer, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel and Metallica. Torture Division has built on a solid foundation of metal, but managed to create something that doesn’t sound as cookie cutter as some of the other bands on the scene.

“Traumatic Inhuman Severance” kicks off the album and the rest of the tracks follow accordingly. However, instead of following the same formula throughout (like many death metal bands do), Torture Division manages to showcase their talents. “Heretics! Now!” has a distinct Morbid Angel feel to it, while “Under Fire Command” features a similar drumbeat to Metallica’s “No Remorse.”

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Overall, Torture Division has managed to carve their own niche in a genre that has grown stale and gives hope to metal bands just starting out.

Mixed and mastered by Dan Swano at Unisound, Sweden

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