Record Review: Topshelf Records Sampler 2011

Topshelf Records
2011 Label Sampler
Boston, MA

“68 bands for the price of validation”

It’s essentially impossible to review this sampler. To start, it’s free. For the price of clicking “like” on Facebook, Topshelf Records is rewarding its fans with a compilation mix featuring 68 bands. The track listing, consisting of mostly what I like to consider post-pop-punk (bands that at one point in their childhood really liked Brand New and opted to either take it in the direction of angry dissonance or elementary folk-pop), is sort of hard to beat. I mean, there are 68 bands here; chances are you’ll probably like at least one of the tracks…and it’s free, so you really can’t complain about the price tag. Stand out tracks include cuts from You Me & Everyone We Know, The Guru, Caravels and Boris Smile. If you have the time to sort through the entire compilation, then definitely give this mix a chance. Topshelf Records is jangly guitars, minor chords, and a large helping of “average white guy” angst, a worthy snapshot of a music scene bubbling just under the surface of pop culture. (Topshelf Records)


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