Record Review: Tommy Paxton-Beesley

Tommy Paxton-Beesley
From Now On
Toronto, ON

“A romantic, haunting, breathtaking spirit”

From now on, the world outside of Canada will be thankful to know Tommy Paxton-Beesley and his music. His solo effort, From Now On is a self-portrait of a free spirit. Through this collection of ten songs, Beesley pours out his soul, wearing his most intimate emotions and thoughts on his sleeve. On an album emblazoned with beautifully rich vocal tones, heartwarming and at times heartbreaking, complete with dazzling instrumental colors, Beesley does it all.

The music is crafted with great love and tender care in the studio, deep in the chaos of Ontario city life, aided by his friend and colleague, Dan Beeson. “Symmetry” features layers of delightfully appealing vocal harmonies, interlaced with gorgeous, chorus-rich guitars.

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The title track feels like a ghostly spirit beaming through the night, a sort of Radiohead-esque sound, a secret unveiled from The Bends era. “All Hearts” is the highlight, and a gem offered as a free track on his website. Romantic and charming while never overpowering, this sweetly crafted tune features heartfelt guitars and a splash of intriguing percussion.

When will this artist be signed? He deserves it. Don’t miss out on Tommy Paxton-Beesley, a closely guarded secret and a major talent who will surely make his mark in 2011. (Self-released)

Produced by Tommy Paxton-Beesley // Mastered, mixed and engineered by Dan Beeson // Recorded at Magnetic Sound Recording in Ontario

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