Record Review: Toh Kay

Toh Kay

Streetlight Lullabies

New Brunswick, NJ

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“Upbeat acoustic versions of Streetlight favorites”

Streetlight Manifesto frontman Toh Kay (aka Tomas Kalnoky) tones down his traditional ska sound and crafts a beautiful acoustic album, leaving behind the horns to focus on the lyrics.

The album opens strong with “Watch it Crash.” The excellent use of finger picking propels the song forward as the lyrics take the forefront, allowing the listener to fully appreciate Toh Kay’s skill as a songwriter. The next track, “Somewhere in the Between,” is equally as satisfying with a lazy, rolling tempo in drastic contrast with the Streetlight’s typical roaring anthems. Some songs like “We Will Fall Together” are less memorable, but Toh Kay redeems himself with the finger-breaking picking speed of “Would You Be Impressed?” and the singsong melody juxtaposed with melancholy lyrics in “Sick and Sad.” The album closes on a serious note with “A Better Place, A Better Time,” challenging the listener to reconsider his or her priorities.

All in all, Streetlight Lullabies is a very enjoyable album. The acoustic nature does, however, lose that playful call-and-answer aspect of Streetlight that many fans have come to love – not to mention the romping tempos and blaring brass. Streetlight Lullabies is definitely catered to a more relaxed environment and is the perfect album for a chill night with friends. (Pentimento Music Company)

Recorded at the Pentimento Recording Company by James T. Whitten

Mixed by Matt Messenger

Mastered by Carl Staff

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