Record Review: Those Dancing Days

Those Dancing Days
Daydreams and Nightmares
Stockholm, Sweden

“Musically seductive and rhythmically bopping”

Those Dancing Days must be a producer’s dream, because they’ve captured the magic “on tape,” so to speak. They bring you back to the New Wave sounds of the 1980s with a bright and refreshing combination of Euro dance and techno-like pop/love songs, which supersede the genre that flooded the airwaves in the early days of MTV.

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Opener “Reaching Forward” is crisp and exuberant, followed by an upbeat and steady flow of charming, seductive vocals that grasp your imagination and keep you listening. The production is nothing less than excellent, keeping the listener’s attention throughout. This is not something that happens by accident; the performances are airtight and spot on; they run wild with a hypnotic and rhythmic pulsation just as a spicy romance novel keeps you thumbing through its pages in anticipation and desiring more.

The writing is strong and although most songs have similar traits, they are catchy and entertaining. Prominent numbers include “Dream About Me,” “I’ll Be Yours” and “Can’t Find Entrance.” These are just a few amongst a great selection of songs on an enjoyable, action-packed record that fans will adore. (Wichita Recordings)

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