Record Review: The Wheel Workers

The Wheel Workers


Houston, TX

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“New music with an old soul”

Much like a certain kind of young person is said to have “an old soul,” so does the music of The Wheel Workers, a Houston-based band that has only been making music together since late 2010, but who sounds seasoned beyond their years. That’s not to say that the songs on Unite don’t sound fresh, but rather that the arrangements, vocals, and instrumentation feel worn-in and played just as they should. No false steps here.

Take for example the opening track, “The MOP,” which begins with simple acoustic guitar strumming and builds to a swinging jazzy number complete with muted trumpets and handclaps. It’s the perfect introduction to an album that blends a variety of instruments, including a more prevalent use of keyboards in later songs, all to great effect. Or listen to the lush “Soft,” which highlights the complementary background vocals that permeate each track. Other songs on the record offer the vibe of a band that doesn’t have to try too hard to be good. Simple, beautiful melodies are more than enough here, and The Wheel Workers don’t need to reinvent anything to succeed in crafting an outstanding debut. (Self-released)

Recorded at Studio Wheelworks in Houston

Mixed by Matthew Presley, Kelly Donnelly and Steven Higginbottom

Mastered by Jerry Tubb

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