Record Review: The Ruby Spirit

by | Jan 1, 2011 | Reviews

The Ruby Spirit
Born Under A Veil
Toronto, ON

“Dark, whimsical and decidedly rock ‘n’ roll”

Zesty and zealous, “Tin Can Bees” starts off The Ruby Spirit’s debut album with a bang. The mind-boggling number of musical layers quickly establishes the fervency of this young band. The next track, “Sound of the Bell” and its dark, sexy electric guitar and thrusting drum rhythms is of a decidedly more rock ‘n’ roll flavor, and it’s with this sound that the album lives. It’s a powerful, grunge-glam sound that brings to mind The Runaways and today’s Land of Talk.

But it’s “From You It’s True,” a much gentler, dreamier song where The Ruby Spirit really shows off its talent. Paige Boy’s crooning chops are most effective here, when you can really hear them, and her lyrics are at their best: “Don’t ask me ‘bout the setting sun, don’t ask me if I shot the gun.” The track’s swaying, breezy rhythm is a delightful change of pace and the psychedelic instrumentation and harmonies are luscious. Overall the album strives for a more experimental, “kaleidoscopic” sound and does so with flare, though such circus-like tracks can come off a bit bombastic at times –  “Caligari,” for instance – even if they make for a killer live concert. (Self-released)

Produced and mixed by Tony Malone // Mastered by Joao Carvalho // Recorded at Metalworks Studios, The Nursery and Japanese Monster & Two Small Children in Toronto // Engineered by Spencer Hall, Wayne Cochrane, and Three Dollar Bill