Record Review: The Revelations (Featuring Tre Williams)

The Revelations (Featuring Tre Williams)

Concrete Blues

Brooklyn, NY

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“Songs for the mind, heart, and spirit”

Concrete Blues, the sophomore release from The Revelations (featuring Tre Williams), features all the best aspects of great soul and R&B music, namely music’s ability to extend beyond ear-pleasing sounds to infiltrate the mind, heart, and spirit. The songs on Concrete Blues are expertly blended, flowing around heartfelt lyrics that detail life’s challenge – from economic hardships to lost love and everything in between.

The album kicks off with the steady beat of “Something’s Got To Give,” as Tre Williams sings of issues facing so many today. “Put yourself in the mind of a man who ain’t got a dime to feed his family / He’s willing to work / Ain’t no work there.” The title track and “Trouble Man” also deal with modern social issues, with classic R&B instrumentation.

“How Could You Walk Away,” “One Reason To Stay,” and ”Lonely Room” all look back on lost love, while on “Behind These Bars,” Williams tenderly sings of an unwanted physical separation. The music on Concrete Blues lures in the listener, enchanting them, creating a need to hear more, as if addicted. This is not only the type of record that commands repeated listens, but one that also leaves music fans craving the band’s next emotional release. (Decision Records)

Produced by Bob Perry and Lawrence Boo Mitchell

Assistant Engineer: Jeff Rameau

Mixed and Mastered by Arnold Mischkulnig at Chopshop Studios, Brooklyn NY

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