Record Review: The Plastic Arts

by | Jun 6, 2012 | Reviews

The Plastic Arts
Academy Clonez
San Francisco, CA


“Serenading acoustic ballads from poetic a troubadour”

“Waiting For You (To Come Dance)” opens up with a serenading master. The Plastic Arts is a one man act complete with calming acoustic guitars and soothing male vocals, courtesy of Kyle M. Terrizzi, who currently hails from the Bay Area. “Crooked Books” mentions such visuals as thoughts like painting on the wall, the soft winds, books on a shelf, and “looking for the breaks” down a road of longing and loneliness.

Like a sailor seeking home or a troubadour country cowboy escaping to the vast desert seas of the West, The Plastic Arts paints a fantastic portrait of great singer/songwriter music with a poetic flair and gentle humility.

“The Dark” is another quiet and peaceful ballad filled with eerie, haunting echoes from the palate of James Taylor to Rufus Wainwright. Cheerful at points and melancholy at others, Terrizzi’s music brings a tear to your eye. Tears of delight and reflection, reminding that the world truly is beautiful and that rainbows of hope will always fill the skies as rainbows of melodic magic blissfully caress this recording.

The production values are stellar, as the guitars never overwhelm the vocals. Stories of trains and cities, and roads far and near are given here for listeners to revel in.

Written, Performed & Recorded by Kyle M. Terrizzi