Record Review: The Pauses

The Pauses
A Cautionary Tale
Orlando, FL

“Eclectic, quirky pop”

This is the debut album from The Pauses, an Orlando-based three-piece consisting of Tierney Tough on vocals, Rhodes piano and bass; Jason Kupfer on piano, guitar, electronics, ukulele and footbells; and Nathan Chase on drums and percussion.

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The record is immediately eye-catching, mimicking in appearance the childhood whimsy of Golden Books. If you hadn’t yet stumbled on their music, the album cover would certainly get you to try the album. And once you start listening, you’ll be hooked on the quirky, funky pop that makes up A Cautionary Tale.

Each song is a little different to show the range of music The Pauses are capable of producing. Some of the best musical moments, though, happen in the synth-y intro to “Beyond Bianca,” the rock rhythms and guitar of “Go North” and in “Hands Up,” the cool transition from melodic piano to static-y electronic sounds reminiscent of the pops and crackles of old record players.

So if you pick up the album because you like the art, don’t fret about whether the music will live up to cover – the music is as cool as it looks. (New Granada)

Produced, engineered, and mixed by J. Robbins at Magpie Cage Studios // Additional engineering by Steven Wright, Jason Kupfer, and Brooks Harlan // Supplementary recording at Wright Way Studios // Mastered by TJ Lipple //

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