Record Review: The New Mastersounds

by | Sep 2, 2011 | Jazz, Funk & World, Reviews

The New Mastersounds
Breaks from the Border
Leeds, UK

“Attention DJs, sample this NOW!”

The New Mastersounds are quite simply pure untouchable funky fire. Imagine digging through crates in a record store and stumbling upon a flawless break record that no one has ever heard or sampled before. The New Mastersounds are a group from Leeds who play soul infused instrumental break music. Cover to cover, their latest release plays out with funky flawlessness. Bassist Peter Shand keeps the bottom end locked down with drummer Simon Allen while Eddie Roberts and Joe Tatton keep the energy alive on guitar and keys, respectively.

Breaks from the Border marks the first time the group has added vocals to their original music. Mostly this really just works through as small group vocal parts and slight accents to the already churned up groove the band creates. With the neo-soul scene starting to gain some momentum in the States, The New Mastersounds are a group that we might be hearing a whole lot more from. This is a must own for old-school soul fans, anyone who owns Super Fly on 180-gram vinyl, and hip-hop beat junkies looking for the next great sample source. (Tallest Man Records)

Produced by Eddie Roberts

Mastered by John Cuniberti

Recorded at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, TX