Record Review: The Little Bear

The Little Bear
Bridges EP
Nashville, TN

“Sassy, folk-infused indie pop for those falling in and out of love”

Nashville’s The Little Bear has a plethora of sounds packed into their five track EP Bridges. Endlessly sweet melodies fuse with bittersweet lyrics and pop-infused compositions sit alongside melancholic string sections. There is a greater complexity to the album than one might glean from an initial listen.

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“Puppy Love,” for example, is a short bopping pop tune with clapping backbeats and catchy hooks. It sounds like an utterly pleasant love song but with clever lyrics like, “If I read your Facebook wall I would know you just as well,” it’s actually about the pitfalls of blind affection. The album’s title track is a soft, lullaby-like anthem of childhood friendship and “Parachute” is a dark and, at times, hauntingly sad look at struggle and fear.

The Little Bear maintains the Nashville sound but with a special twist that makes it all their own. It is hard to peg the band into one specific genre. With so many styles happening all at once, they have created an album that is at times uplifting, at times heartbreaking, but one that never produces the same thing twice.  (Plastic 350 Records)

Produced by Robert Ellis Orrall

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