Record Review: The Dotted Eyes

by | Jun 6, 2012 | Indie Pop, Reviews

The Dotted Eyes
Wondering & Worrying
Boston, MA


“Boston indie pop with spunk and addiction”

Boston’s The Dotted Eyes have just released their new LP, Wondering & Worrying – and it’s a gem. The quintet fuses together creative wordplay and well-polished compositions into something dripping with hazy summer spunk and soft, crooning vocals.

Ambient noises open the album on “You and Me” and from them spew forth clapping backbeats and self-realizations. Tracks like “The Salt & The Sea” and “Catastrophe” are emotionally charged and “Forget You” and Cold Air” bring the album to a melancholy but uplifting end. The surprising moments of banjo chords and piano notes are paired perfectly with wafting keyboards and gently flowing melodies.

Wondering & Worrying is just that, an album filled with wonder and moments of worry: worry about life, love, relationships and all that the future holds. It is stitched together by artful talent and clear thought. The Dotted Eyes are yet another act that Boston can be truly proud of.

Produced, Mixed & Engineered by Josh Breckman

Mastered by Turtletone Studios