Record Review: The Bynars

The Bynars
The Bynars
Boston, MA

“Contagious danceable rock”

The Bynars is a catalog of visceral, yet playful lyrics.  Lyrics that lasso themselves around your heart, making you remember every crush in high school that ended in heartbreak and every dream lost in reality instead of expectation.  Their electronic sound combined with vocals reminiscent from artists of the ’80 s makes The Bynars transcend generations, as it still maintains its pop rock edge.  This light album is made to make ears perk, heads bob, and feet tap – making it impossible to be in a mood other than joyful.

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Even with sometimes-simplistic lyrics, the vocal spirit from band members Mike Jatkola and Denise Orxata does not falter once.  Songs like “How Does It Feel To Be In Love?” and “Can You Hear It?” show this five-piece band’s innovative progression, while “Every Little Thing You Love” and “Angeline” savor the melancholic expression of a broken heart longing for repair.  Nevertheless, no matter how sensitive the subject of lost love is, The Bynars attach an upbeat rhythm to their tracks – enough to produce dancing hips and minds that forget the painful memories just in time for Summer. (Self-released)
Produced by Adam Taylor & The Bynars // Recorded at Camp Street Studios, Cambridge, MA // Engineered by Adam Taylor // Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering

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