Record Review: The 4onthefloor

by | May 1, 2011 | Reviews

The 4onthefloor
Minneapolis, MN
“4 Bourbon 4 Scotch and 4 Beer”

Minnesota is supposed to be for Prince – not the blues.  But straight outta Minnetonka comes The 4onthefloor: a hard-edged blues band playing pub rockers straight outta the bottle.

There’s nothing flashy about The 4onthefloor or 4×4 – and that’s how they like it. All songs are advertised proudly as 4/4 time for maximum stomp along, and there are enough call-and-response choruses to engage even the drunkest bar patron.

And that seems to be The 4onthefloor’s goal.  With meaty guitar riffs, songs about drinking, and a lead vocalist that’s at times hazy Peter Wolf, or a drunken, screaming Jim Morrison, this quartet aims to be your favorite bar band.

The only problem is that they undoubtedly sound better in the bar.  Whereas you wouldn’t get tired of drinking to killer tracks like “Workin’ Man Zombie,” “Junkie” and “Drunk on Tuesday,” those same unapologetic 4/4 beats and vocals start to wear thin over an entire album.

No doubt, there’s a lot to like here.  But until The 4onthefloor can capture that live energy on an album, they’re destined to be just a good time bar band.  But it seems they wouldn’t mind that at all. (Self-released)

Produced by The 4onthefloor