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by | Feb 1, 2011 | Reviews

Cape Dory
Denver, CO

“Love-tinged seafaring lo-fi pop”

Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley met while studying philosophy in college, where the two vowed to sell their collective belongings and leave the landlocked world behind for a life on the open water.

After years of preparation and planning, the couple set sail on a seven-month long voyage along the North Atlantic shoreline, where they rediscovered an old truth – beauty in simplicity. Two years after the husband/wife duo’s 2500-mile nautical excursion, the twosome embarked on another new endeavor and translated its adventure into song. The result: Cape Dory, a lovely and simplistic debut that encapsulates young love, new discoveries, and the sea.

Warbling, surf-rock guitar riffs and clunking keys lucidly flow throughout the album, while high-hat laden percussion keeps a simple, uncluttered beat under soft “ooh ooh’s” and Moore’s soft, wispy vocals. Though the track names are literal translations of the spouses’ expedition  (“Long Boat Pass,” “Bimini Bay,” “Seafarer,” “Water Birds”), Moore’s storytelling lyrical style immerses her listeners in the adventure, while delving deeper into the emotional aspects of maritime life and love, making this debut just as thought out and well-conceived as the seafaring excursion from which it came. (Fat Possum)

Recorded, produced, and mixed by Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore at NFA Studios in Denver, CO // Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound