Record Review: SWTHRT

Compact Disc
Southport, NC

“Synth pop rock with plenty of pathos”

North Carolina duo SWTHRT’s (pronounced: “sweetheart”) debut album crochets homemade rock honesty with weathered-heart wisdom to create a regaling and relatable record. Compact Disc is an introspective scrapbook of songs that paints a portrait of what it truly means to be young, vulnerable and sick of love.  Drenched in reverb, nostalgia and danceability, the songs move from side-to-side like fuzzy Polaroids passed through the hands of friends.

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Comprised of multi-instrumentalist Karl Kuehn and keyboardist Becca High, SWTHRT explores the sonic side of melodrama and truth, using two-minute long songs as landscapes for disclosure and catchy guitar riffs. “Good Omens,” the album’s opener, is an effervescent, post-downheartedness wake-up call that charges along with soaring keys and bullet train persistence as Kuehn declares, “I’m turning a new leaf and I am writing a new song everyday to keep my thoughts at bay and maintain a sense of productivity.”

Beneath the song’s emotionalism, Compact Disc has a modest and playful air, making it apparent that Kuehn and High genuinely enjoyed making this music. (Self-released)

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