Record Review: Sugarplum Fairies

Sugarplum Fairies
The Images We Get
Los Angeles, CA

“Whimsical calm, reminiscent of ’90s teenage angst.”

Dawson’s Creek wished it had a soundtrack this good, but the melodrama would have been overshadowed by The Images We Get. Sugarplum Fairies’ expert mix of haunting vocals and guitar-based melodies makes for a placid, serene album with inspired riffs and poetic lyrics.

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Silvia Ryder’s raw voice croons from song to song, as Ben Bohm’s gritty yet sweet guitar melodies accompany the songstress. The duo added drums, horns, keyboards, and bass to round out their sound on record, but didn’t lose sight of the simplistic, unprocessed, and melancholy resonance they’re known for.

“Moth,” the album’s seventh track, is a humble reflection of frustration and pragmatism. Ryder sings so simply: “Now your girl looks like a mess / In her Bette Davis dress / You should have had let her go / You should have had quit the show.”

“One Trick Pony,” a welcomed upbeat number, uses horns for impact and gives the latter half of the album a lighter feel. “96 Dreams” features Johnny Rubby and finishes out tracklist with chant-like lyrics and the band’s signature droning rhythms. (Starfish Records)

Produced and engineered by Sugarplum Fairies // Recorded at Casa Monterey in Los Angeles and Creative Workshop in Nashville // Mixed by Todd Burke // Mastered by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic

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